Colette Isabella

Is an odd mouse.

Raised in a house by a book enthusiast and computer engineer, there was no way she would grow up without some ideas and how to use them. She was born and raised in Colorado, where she discovered a love for bees, art and science.

She became a Master Beekeeper while in high school, and fell in love with the work and the fuzzy insects. She pursued her first degree in Anthropology, find the study fascinating, but incomplete. After the traditional backpacking jaunt through Europe, she returned to pursue a degree in Molecular Biology.

Eventually, she moved to Seattle with her two faithful companions,

Mollybee Yoyodyne

and Doctor Patrick Fibonacci Waffles.

Since moving to Seattle, she rediscovered her inheritance from her father, finding code relaxing and interesting. She returned to her childhood home of typing commands into console, and learning new languages to play with her ideas.

She took over The Seattle Attic Community Workshop, a feminist Maker Space, where she got to play with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and 3D Printers while supporting a safe space for lgbt and minority people could interact and learn together.

In 2017, she finally got to realize her passion of keeping her own bees, and her first Apprentice.

This has all been an extraordinarily up and down life, which seems the only kind she knows, it makes fodder for her constant story collecting and learning how to better be a better person and friend