In my household growing up, a GUI was cheating. I was raised in the console, which affected everything about my thinking. For the best. I got my degree in Molecular Biology at Colorado University, Boulder, to advance my curiosity in what the components of existance are. This has guided my life's efforts to solve puzzles, find answers, and do cool things. Do you have something we can work on together? Macro or Micro, let's see how my skills can work with yours!

Apptio Corporation

QA Engineer, 2017-2018

On the Upgrade Team, we were tasked with the most complicated clients, requiring extra care and attention for upgrading their software. My job was to pull and deploy clients' databases, then make sure that the update of our software would not affect the use or appearance of their data. Due to the nature of our team, we were tasked with diagnosis, as well as work with the dev team to make sure all issues were addressed so that the client's experience would only be improved with the change in version.

The Seattle Attic Community Workshop

Teacher, President, 2015-2018

As the president, I helped to make our organization become a non-profit, conduct meetings and plan events. As teacher, I run classes to teach coding best practices as requested by our community. I also built our website and rebuilt our member portal.

Master Beekeeper

May 2017-Current

I recently took over 3 hives at the Center for Urban Horticulture, after 13 years of keeping bees for other people. These hives are for educational and scientific uses in cooperation with HiveBio, and the Seattle Attic. I teach classes and help educate people on the importance of honey bees.

MouseBee Art

Artist, designer 2011-2016

I call myself an obligate Maker, I create art pieces for commission and purchase. I specialize in made up animal stuffies and scientifically inspired projects.

TechCrowd Services

Front-End Developer, 2015

I built the Front End frame work and design in an as-needed capacity. I worked off of templates provided by another team, and communicated extensively with the designers to consult on font choices and purchasing options, as well as make sure that their design and my build were in synch.

PAX/Emerald City Comic Con

Volunteer, 2015-present

I think that Puzzle Solver would be my ultimate description. At both ECCC and PAX, I work to ensure that the area I am assigned on the Exposition floor, merchandise booth or other high complication space remains organized, safe and efficient to maximize the experience of the Convention Attendees. I also deal with staffing to some extent, making sure that my my fellow Volunteers feel comfortable and right in their positions as it is an extremely high-stress, high-pressure environment.


Organizer/Manager, 2015-2016

I ran the Connections space for the 5th year of GeekGirlCon. I built surveys and applications, chose, then kept track of over 20 organizations and their needs for presentations and tables up to and at the convention.

Colorado University

Lab Researcher and TA(MCDB101) 2009 - 2013

I worked in the Martin Lab at CU Boulder, where we studied the Epstein-Barr Virus and the LMP-1 Protein to find its connection to cancer. I also taught the Intro to Molecular Biology lab course, requiring coming up with curriculum and teaching aids.